Mock Defense Musings

Locust Cider Show Summary (June 29, 2024) 

Thanks to all of you who came to Locust Cider on June 29th.  It was a great first run and we are excited for the next show on July 20th which will coincide with Locust's anniversary party.  We hope to see you there.

A very special thanks to the staff at Locust Cider in Gig Harbor for inviting us to play!  They have been really nice to us and we hope that, even if you don't come out to one of our shows, that you will considering stopping by and supporting them.

We have posted a gallery of pictures on the photos page which you can find here:

We played a mix of covers and some original songs that we are working on as a band.  We will be adding new songs and updating some of our original songs for the next show but here was the setlist:

Set A
1. American Girl Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers)
2. Just What I Needed (The Cars)
3. Rain Kind (Counting Crows)
4. Sexy (Mock Defense)
5. Reflections from the Ether (Mock Defense)
6. Biscuit Wheels (Mock Defense)
7. Information and Belief (Mock Defense)
8. Runnin' Down a Dream (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers)

Set B
9. Anon (Mock Defense)
10. Vein (Mock Defense)
11. Wish (Mock Defense)
12. Sain Simon (The Shins)
13. Mess Around (Cage the Elephant)
14. Tactics (Mock Defense)
15. Greedy Soul (Liam Gallagher)
16. The Forecast (Mock Defense)

We hope to see you on July 20th!

Gig Tonight! 

We are playing the grand opening of the Locust Cider tap room in Gig Harbor tonight!  If you are interested in coming, let us know.  We'll post pictures and, hopefully, video next week!  Also, if you want to come see us play with our other bands, mark your calendars for April 20th at the Sehmel Park pavilion in Gig Harbor (doors at 5pm, show at 6pm)!

March 9th Gig 

We had a great time on March 9th in Gig Harbor (for technical reasons, we can't say the location but it was in a cool place in Gig Harbor).  We played 20 songs (set list below) and we had a great turn-out that we estimate at well over 50 people!  We hope that, if you are in the Gig Harbor area, that you will come and check us out on April 20th where we will be playing along with Chew the Root, the band that we play in together.

Set List:

  1. Wake Up (Mock Defense)
  2. Information and Belief (Mock Defense)
  3. Hand in My Pocked (Alanis Morissette)
  4. A Little Bit Awkward (Alex Forbis)
  5. Anon (Alex Forbis)
  6. Don't Look Back in Anger (Oasis)
  7. Wish (Mock Defense)
  8. Extraction (Mock Defense)
  9. Orange (Pinegrove)
  10. Biscuit Wheels (Alex Forbis)
  11. Vein (Alex Forbis)
  12. 3AM (Matchbox 20)
  13. Distant Regrets (Mock Defense)
  14. Reflections from the Ether (Mock Defense)
  15. Saint Simon (The Shins)
  16. I Said it All (Alex Forbis)
  17. Slinging for Everyone (Alex Forbis)
  18. Grapevine Fires (Death Cab for Cutie)
  19. If I Had a Million Dollars (Barenaked Ladies)
  20. Such Great Heights (The Postal Service)

Gig on March 9th and Demos 

If you are in Gig Harbor and want to come and check us out, we are playing on Saturday, March 9th from 6-8pm.  If you are interested go to the “Shows” page and there is a link to RSVP with the details.  It's technically a private party but it's free and open to the public.

We will be playing some music from the EP called “Obscure Languages” that we are currently recording.  We are hoping to release the EP later in the Spring but, for now, we have posted a few demos on the site if you want to check them out!

Live Acoustic Set 

I was asked by a friend of a friend if I would play some acoustic instrumental music at the opening of a business in Gig Harbor and I try not to miss opportunities to play live music.  It was a fun night!

Review: Silversun Pickups in Seattle 

The Sulversun Pickups are one of those bands that I have been listening to for a long time but have never had the chance to see live. That changed on February 15th at The Moore in Seattle. A great venue, a great band, and a very good opening band made for a great show.

The many years now in between that initial discovery and the show in Seattle were worth the wait.  In addition to a phenomenal finale of “Lazy Eye,” the band burned through a mix of songs from their catalog and were energetic and exciting to watch. It’s clear that this is a band that has been playing together for a long time.  

I remember the first time I discovered the Pickups. I was driving to Eugene, Oregon and listening to Spotify. I had that feature on that starts playing other music that the algorithm thinks you might like and it played “Lazy Eye” which I liked immediately. I have found several bands this way including some current favorites Pinegrove and Great Lake Swimmers. 

Another great way to find new bands is to go to more shows and the opener, Hello Mary, was a nice find. They have a very big sound for a trio with some punk and grunge elements perfect for a Seattle show. I suspect we will be hearing more from them so check them out. 

One final note:  I am all for having a great time out with friends but, when you go to a show, be considerate of your fellow audience members!  The people behind us talked almost non-stop through the show and so loudly that it interfered with the music in some cases (and the Pickups are difficult to talk over). We finally had to turn around during the encore and tell them to shut up and the people next to us supported us in that decision. 

Anyway, Brian said that it had been too long since their last show in Seattle and they promised not to allow so much time before they come back. While it was my first time seeing SSPU, I hope that they come back soon. I will be there!

Ozean: A Great Find! 

Every once in a while, I come across a new band in an unusual way.  I bought a vinyl box set from Numero Group ( and so I have since been receiving their email messages.  In one of these messages, they were advertising a special press of a record from a band called Ozean who had a very limited period of activity in the early 1990s (they only played two shows) and are described as “ethereal dream pop.”  The record that was just released is a remaster of a 1993 demo cassette.  I went immediately on to Spotify to listen to the songs and then immediately bought the record!  It's worth checking out.

Our First Post 

How many times over the years have I started a blog only to have one or two posts and then give up?  It's more of a rhetorical question but it seems like a good idea to have a blog on our site even in the age of social media.  This seems to be a better way to post longer-form content (i.e., updates on new music or shows or post-show summaries and stuff like that) while keeping the shorter content on social media with links back here.  Whatever.  The idea is that we would like to try to build at least a small audience so we can continue to make and play music.  Hopefully, that will be how it works out.