Review: Silversun Pickups in Seattle

The Sulversun Pickups are one of those bands that I have been listening to for a long time but have never had the chance to see live. That changed on February 15th at The Moore in Seattle. A great venue, a great band, and a very good opening band made for a great show.

The many years now in between that initial discovery and the show in Seattle were worth the wait.  In addition to a phenomenal finale of “Lazy Eye,” the band burned through a mix of songs from their catalog and were energetic and exciting to watch. It’s clear that this is a band that has been playing together for a long time.  

I remember the first time I discovered the Pickups. I was driving to Eugene, Oregon and listening to Spotify. I had that feature on that starts playing other music that the algorithm thinks you might like and it played “Lazy Eye” which I liked immediately. I have found several bands this way including some current favorites Pinegrove and Great Lake Swimmers. 

Another great way to find new bands is to go to more shows and the opener, Hello Mary, was a nice find. They have a very big sound for a trio with some punk and grunge elements perfect for a Seattle show. I suspect we will be hearing more from them so check them out. 

One final note:  I am all for having a great time out with friends but, when you go to a show, be considerate of your fellow audience members!  The people behind us talked almost non-stop through the show and so loudly that it interfered with the music in some cases (and the Pickups are difficult to talk over). We finally had to turn around during the encore and tell them to shut up and the people next to us supported us in that decision. 

Anyway, Brian said that it had been too long since their last show in Seattle and they promised not to allow so much time before they come back. While it was my first time seeing SSPU, I hope that they come back soon. I will be there!

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